Sound stopped working.

I'm not sure why and what the cause of it was, but my sound has stopped working. Also I didn't know which sub forum to post this in, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Plausible causes
-I can't narrow down to a specific time where the sound stopped working due to bad memory
-It may have been after a regular shutdown, where I shutdown the computer normally first and then turned off the power switch on the back because i was moving some power outlet expanders around.
-I had not installed any crazy software or physically touched my pc (other than the on and off button/switch) before the sound stopped working.

-Sound not working for any devices that go into those analog or i/o sound ports. (The pink and green ones). Both the front and back panels don't work.
-USB may be working. ( I have a usb camera with mic, and it seems to be picking up sound. I can tell because the sound loudness changes along with how loud I am, so it seems to be working, but I can't tell for sure since I can't hear the playback.
-My regular mic (pink port) isn't working either, since the loudness of the sound does not change with my loudness, when I am testing the sounds.
-When I plug my speakers or headphones in, and turn the volume up I can sometimes hear a very screechy noise, that's not the default static noise feedback that I get when I turn up the speakers with no sounds playing. Sometimes I hear no noise at all. When I try to play music or other sounds, it creates low quick thumping noise.
-The computer does recognize when I plug my sound devices in, what sound devices I have plugged in, and what port they are plugged into.

My motherboard (that I'm pretty sure has integrated sound)
-Gigabyte H55M-S2V

Things I've done
- Made sure that it wasn't the audio devices that weren't functioning, but the computer itself, by using both my mic and my speakers with my xbox.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled the realtek audio drivers
- Fiddled with the realtek software and windows audio controls to try to get sound to work. (I have literarly tried about every single different option, I am positive that the problem does not lie within the software, as the same software setup was making the sound work before)

Things I haven't done
- Open up tower to check for physical problems

Help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Make sure the realtek is your standard playback device in control panel / sound. While playing music you can see the moving bars next to the standard device. If it's set to hdmi then switch it.
  2. Thanks for responding
    Realtek is my standard playback device.
    When I play music I do see the bars move next to it.
    I do not have hdmi, and I do not have it set to hdmi.
  3. That's bad news! You said you tried every option in the driver / mixer so I don't think speakers are muted. But that means I'm running out of ideas. Maybe the sound chip got destroyed by something.
  4. So, do I buy a new motherboard?
    Adding a soundcard to the motherboard won't work right?
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    Get a cheap soundcard. It has it's own soundchip and will replace the one on the motherboard. But open the case first an look for a free slot, either PCI or PCI-E to get one with the right interface. That's also a chance to check the old one on the motherboard. Unlikely, but it's possible only a lot of dust on the motherboard. And last chance is to disconnect the cable that goes to the front panel and try again with the back panel.
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  7. Yeah I spent like 12 $ on a sound card from newegg (the shipping was free). It came dead on arrival. It was going to cost 8$ just to send it back for a refund, so i just threw it into my pile of broken electronics. Then I got one off amazon for like 22$ (including shipping) rocket fish brand and it worked awesome. It had the front panel audio pins and everything. Got my sound and mic working, and now my music sounds better than ever!
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