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  1. err my fault on that building this for my friend not sure on the processor havn't had to much experience with amd. os will of course be windows 7 using his old monitor and case if it's large enough. like I said am a wee bit rusty in building has been a while since I've put one together was just making sure the parts I have so far will play nice with the motherboard.
  2. I'm not familiar with that particular HDD, it looks new.

    The CPU is not particularly good for gaming, or most home programs. I'm still not clear on what this system is supposed to do.

    The board is rather high-end and you are paying for the ability to crossfire or SLI.

    The PSU is a Coolmax, one of the worst PSU brands. They have exactly one known good PSU, a 1350W made by Sirtech. If it was actually a 1000W PSU (doubtful) it would be enough power for three or 4 GTX 560s.

    Finally, GTX 560 is not considered a good buy. GTX 560ti is much stronger.... but now I see the GTX 560 has come down in price so it's not clear.

    The RAM is nice, if a bit wasted on an AMD build that won't make as good use from it as an Intel build would have.

    As the link says, tell me what is expected of this computer and what parts you already have and give a budget and I'll be glad to figure out what would work best.
  3. allright the computer will be for gaming mostly world of warcraft and price limit is around $1200
  4. and no parts yet
  5. again damn my vagueness allready have the monitor but I do like the way that looks silly me for not keeping up with all the new parts should have done my research a little better and not halfass put parts together that I thought that looked good thanks for the help. and sorry for the bad puncuation been doing this from my iPod >.<
  6. Leave the build and plug in an SSD instead of a monitor.

    That would cover a couple MMOs and the OS, everything else would go on the HDD. If they can't manage the disk space themselves don't do it though.
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