Bad PSU? Computer shutting during bf3 gameplay.

I started playing BF3 a week or so after it came out. Upgraded my graphics card for it. The game has had lots of issues but it runs fine on my computer, with one main exception:

My whole computer shuts down randomly, only while I play BF3. It seems as if the frequency has increased to be about once every 30-60 minutes.

I set my PC to not restart on BSODs, so it's not one of those.

How do I test to see if the shutdowns are overheats or a bad PSU?
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  1. What are the specs of your system? You might have too many things pulling a wattage over or very near to the wattage rated on your psPr
  2. I have a 750 Watt PSU. I doubt the wattage is an issue unless my PSU is going bad but I don't know how to test.

    Intel quad core Q6600
    8gig RAM
    Vista 64
    ASUS p5n-D mobo
    geforce GTX460
  3. Which exact cpu? If it isn't a quality psu then this might happen. Also what are the temps of cpu and gpPr
  4. intel core 2 quad Q6600... I don't know how to get a reading on the temps while I'm playing.

    I dont know I got the PSU off newegg 3 years ago. Lots of reviews, none were bad.
  5. some notes:

    I checked, while just browsing the internet my CPUs are running at 65, 66, 68, and 68 deg C ... that sounds hot to me? I wonder what it looks like when chucking 'nades at people.

    GPU is running at 33 C
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