No Bootable Device -- Please insert boot disk and press any key

(kids was on there laptop) w/ windows 7 brought it to me saying that it no longer works, so i turn it on only to get No bootable device -- insert boot disc and press any key operater.9[at] i dont know if this is fixable w/out buying windows 7 disc which i dont wish to.
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  1. Get the Manual out.
    Check first if the Boot order in the BIOS is set correct to have the HDD first.
    If all that is fine , go through the manual to find the startup key combination that will restore the laptop to it's factory defaults.
    You will need to read through the documentation of the laptop to get it to work.
    PS: And get rid of that email..... no one other than Bots and Spammers are going to get back to you.
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