Is it worth upgrading from 650 MHz to 1333 MHz

My current PC specs are:

i3 2120
2X2 GB 650 MHz RAM

if I upgrade my current RAM to Corsair Vengence 4GB RAM, will there be any performance improvement in gaming?
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  1. "650Mhz" DDR3 RAM doesn't exist. The lowest DDR3 goes is 800 (which is VERY rare). What you have now is 1333 RAM.

    It's actually supposed to be 667Mhz, not 650, but it's close enough. 667x2 = 1333. DDR, remember. You're getting confused between rated speed, and actual speed. Not your fault, though. It's the stupid way that they're marketed.

    1333Mhz would really be rated at DDR3 2666 (or more realistically, DDR3 2600).
  2. Yes I'm actually really confused....

    Here is the screenshot from CPUZ....

    and this RAM i want to purchase..

    without going into technical details can you tell me would it be worth upgrading?

    Is it going to change performance in gaming?

    oh and this RAM is rated 5.5 in windows experience index....

    and that Corsair Ram is 7.5 or 7.4...
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    You can ignore the useless WEI rating as it won't be 7.4 or 7.5 with the new RAM if it currently is 5.5. Compare the results between DDR3-1333 9-9-9 and DDR3-1600 9-9-9. Then decide if the minimal performance improvement is worth it to you.

    On page 6, the reviewer wrote "The results weren't very stimulating, were they? Just as expected, gaming with faster memory just doesn't make any notable difference. I could have potentially lowered the resolution and settings in an attempt to produce some sort of difference, but I felt that testing these games at the settings they're most likely to be played at was far more enlightening. If you want better gaming performance, the GPU is the best component to upgrade—no news there."
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