Processor upgrade?

Hi all, hope you can help.
Freind of mine has just been given an old PC and wants to know if he can upgrade the processor. The information he has given me as reported by CPUZ is as follows;
AMD Sempron 3200+
Brand id 6
Socket AM2 (940)


I have spoken to ACER and they wont give me any information regarding which processors are compatible with the board.
Would appreciate any help/advice you can give me with this. links to processor upgrades would be helpful.
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  1. What is this a desktop or a laptop? If it is what is the exact computer model?
  2. According to the website it will take AMD AM2 Athlon 64 x 2 or Athlon 64 or Sempron (940 pin). The main problem with prebuilt computers is the upgrades are very limited. In this case it will only accept those AM2 socket processors.
  3. Which one of these would give the best performance increase, cant seem to find many available at retailers.
    Would something like THIS be suitable?
  4. Just purchased an Athlon 64 x2 4200+ 2.2ghz, only cost £15 so worth a try.
    If it works could anybody tell me what the performance increase is likely to be.
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