Small business server 2011 hardware components

Hi all,

I am seeking for advice on specific components to build a machine which will run Small business server 2011.
The roles of the server:
- printer sharing (1 printer)
- file sharing (for 4-5 users max)
- exchange server to handle mail for individual outlook clients
- backup function for files

As I know, minimal requirements are 8 Gb Ram, 64 bit quad processor and preferably at least simplest RAID (mirroring only?).

Now I need motherboard, processor, HD's and memory which all can fit together in 64-bit environment.
I want my budget to be as low as possible as the server will not have any heavy duty in matter of number of users (which will even not work at the same time) my busines relies on few machines and I am not using them all together all the time. What I want is justt to have centralized and secured my data files and emails on one centralized place which will be accesible from all workstations.

There are plenty of options on the market, and I wonder if any of you cann recommend a speciffic not so expensive brands of MB, HD, proc and memory which will work togetjer and run the server, but keep my budget low as possible.

I am kindly ask for advice based on your experience of price/quality/performance ratio on the market.

Thanks much,
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  1. Ok, as many times I read stickies after I post, so I see that I asked the question wrong way, and that I should not expect answer at all.
    I apologize for my ignorance. Will try to find answer other way.
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