Phenom ii x4 955 BE running real hot

hey guys I got a question I got the phenom 2 x4 955 had it for about a yr and a half decided today to check the temp using AMD overdrive and speedfan and idle it was at 76C then after a few minutes went down to abt 65 on average but this is only idling and pushes 80c playing games please help I dont want it to blow up lol

Im running

phenom ii x4 955 BE not OC'd
ocz 780w PSU
6gigs ddr2
gigabyte MOBO
1tb western digital harddrive
radeon 3650 HD OC'd edition (getting 4870x2 in a couple days)

please help if you can im kind of a noob at this lol
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  1. Well those temps are too high! Either the airflow is really bad in your case or your cooler (presuming properly attached) is full of dust and lint! Start by cleaning!
  2. 76 degrees is high for a CPU and it should be looked at. Have you at anytime taken the fan/heatsink off? If so did you re-apply thermal paste? You should dest out the fan/heatsink and re-apply the thermal paste. See if that does anything. If not it might be bad case cooling that could be causing a problem. Also make sure the heatsink/fan is seated properly.
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