Mobo Spec difference and Guarantee of Different country

Hi, I have question
I want to buy a motherboard (actually it's MSI) before I moving out abroad but I have a few things in my mind that bugging me
my question is
1. If I buy a motherboard from (let say Country A) Country A and I move to country B, and my Motherboard have issues and I want to claim the guarantee, can I claim it to the shop that also sell the same product (in this case the Motherboard manufacturer doesn't have branch in this country). If I can't claim the guarantee, what is the best option for me to get the claim (new one) ?
2. Is it true that sometimes the specification of the same type motherboard of two different country have some difference (sometimes major differences) ?
Thank You :D
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  1. If it's a website store then location should not matter.

    If you bought it from a brick and mortar (Physical building) then you most likely will have to return the mobo to that store so they can restock it

    No, unless it's just lingual differences
  2. that means I just have to pay for the delivery, right ?

    I've spotted sometimes in the specification page of Motherboard there are statement that indicate possibility of difference of spec between same product of two different country..
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