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I7 960 & Compatable Memory

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Am I nuts in thinking that it's ok to use 1600mHz memory with a Core I7-960(Socket 1366), even though Intel says that it only supports 1066mHz speed memory?

Here's why - I'd like a little head-room when overclocking but I beleive the motherboard i purchased (DX58OG) is defective. After trying to get an RMA from Intel, they tell me I have to change my memory configuration because my current memory config is out of spec. Though it looks like i'm going to have to fork over another 50+ bucks for memory that is 'within spec' which will, after the test, become some very expensive bookmarks, but I'd like some validation. Am i Crazy? Or is Intel the villan here?
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    1600MHz memory should be fine and not have any problem downclocking to a slower speed! You have though found the problem with Intel motherboards, that is finicky with ram and relatively bad/difficult to overclock them!
    Actually they state support for 1600+MHz ram on their motherboard page
  2. Thanks for the reply Rolli, I atleast feel a little bit better about my current configuration, and I am indeed aware that the DX58OG is capable for supporting 1600+ speeds, thats' why i got them in the first place :D

    I'm just reeling after speaking with the Technical Support department. I assert that the motherboard is defective as I have gone through every stage of their troubleshooting guide, though they will not provide me with an RMA request untill I test the board with memory that is 'Within Spec' of the processor.

    But while i'm here I may as well enter in this plea: about 80% of the time my system will not even make POST. i've gone thru every step besides replacing the memory in the board in the Intel Troubleshooting guide, but i shouldn't need to and heres why - The other 20% of the time where i got the machine to boot, I have since installed Windows 7, gotten all drivers (motherboard, video & otherwise), and installed Win7's Service Pack 1, gotten numerous programs installed, all sorts of stuff that you do when bringing up a new system. I have also checked in on the hardware monitor nearly every time, and it reports all of the memory's attributes without issue.

    This is where my diagnosis for a bad motherboard comes from. Does it sound like i'm in the right direction or is there something i might be forgetting?
  3. I am presuming you have tested your memory!
  4. Woo............ I'm gonna have to try that the next time I can get my system to boot.

    that statement sounded wrong, i can't believe i just typed that. :pfff:
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