Difference between ATX and micro-ATX, graphic cards wise

I am buying a gigabyte gah61m-ds2 microATX motherboard and I dont know much about motherboards.
So does these small motherboards support a ddr5 graphic cards like Radeon HD 7770 ?
Also what does microATX motherboards differ from ATX motherboards in general, especially graphic cards compatibility.

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. mexn said:
    Do these small motherboards support graphic cards like Radeon HD 7770?

    With ease.
    It only depends on your case's size and length, really.

    mexn said:
    What difference Micro-ATX motherboards have in comparison to ATX motherboards?

    Only size and OverClocking ability (which is almost a nonexistent thing for Micro-ATX boards).
  2. Thank you very much for the fast respond, I am going to buy the motherboard and the graphics card right now! :D . I also don't do overclocking at all with these so its all perfect. Thanks again :).
  3. Give me the info/links to the motherboard and the video card that you're planning on buying, and I'll tell you right away if it's a good combination.
    Also, some info about your case would be nice too.
  4. Micro atx boards can overclock fine. It depends on the chipset, cpu and possibly ram more than the form factor.

    The main differences are vertical board length and the number of available expansion slots. Usually 7 slot on an atx
    mobo and 4 slots on a micro atx mobo. Other than that they are about the same. Oh, an atx mobo will only fit in
    an atx mid tower or bigger, but a micro atx mobo will fit in a micro atx tower or bigger. Hope this helps.
  5. To OP,

    Your combination is just fine. 7770 will on that mobo, no matter if it is micro-atx.

    Micro-atx has limited number of ram slot and pciex16 slot, supports less amount of memory with low speed. Overclocking is limited or no overclocking and no multi-gpu.

    Graphic card compatibility is same.
  6. They CAN OverClock (I never stated otherwise), but their OverClocking capability are waaay worse than that of any ATX board designed for OverClocking.
    Of course it's a personal preference of each particular person, but, personally I wouldn't have recommended doing OverClocking on a Micro-ATX board, it's absolutely my IMHO.
  7. You are right about oc on micro-atx master_chen. Atx is always better for overclocking where micro-atx provide limited and economy class.
  8. Some micro atx mobos cost more than their full atx counterparts. Some micro atx mobos have 4 ram slots and
    can run a bunch of memory at high speeds and/or tight timings. Some micro atx mobos can overclock a cpu quite
    a ways past stock speed while some "overclocking" full atx mobos are limited in that area. Some micro atx mobos
    even support sli or crossfire of 2 dual slot cards(but won't let you install any other cards that way). It depends on
    the brand, chipset, and the specific model(and luck of the draw,as far as overclocking is concerned).
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