Need help with building an older DAW

My thread title says "need help with building an older DAW" because I want to build a new DRW but I want to use my old Cool-Edit Pro, which is now discontinued. I believe
It needs to be a 32 bit system, and I think I would like to still use Windows XP, and my M-Audio breakout audio box which I think is a PCI.
I am only mixing 16 to 24 tracks. And I need two hard drives, a CD player and a separate CD recorder.
I have been away from all the newer components for awhile now and I don’t know what hardware to buy.
This will be for audio mixing only, (no internet or video).
My present DAW is about 15 years old and it just up and quit. It had two hard drives, one on the primary and one on the secondary side of the motherboard and a SCSI board to drive the two CDR’s.
Does anybody have any thoughts about what processor, and MB I should use ?
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  1. dont know anything about a daw or drw but pretty much any system board now a days will still have a pci slot and you can install 32bit oses on them still but I dont know why you'd want to at this point. 64bit OSes still allow you to install and run 32bit apps just fine, and it allows you to go above 3gb of ram. Either way though any dual or quad core computer will suit your needs AFAIK. Might even be able to get a pci-express version of your m-audio breakout box which could have new features and such.
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