What does it mean when my computer has 6gigs of ram installed but only 3 usable

I have 6 gigs installed on my HP desktop 32bit op syst. Im not too knowledgable with computer hardware but i know the basics. After installing the 4gigs on top of the 2gigs it had before, showing only 3 useable. In my system config. should i have my max mem selected or no? And if not what should i look into next?
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  1. Wasn't 4gb the max a 32bits OS can use? I think that's your problem.
    Hardware and OS uses the 1gb you can't touch, leaves you with 3gb.
  2. Yea as i did some more reading on it i found that is to be correct. How exactly do i improve this 32bit to a 64?
  3. Buy Windows 7 64 bits edition
    Here are system requirements:
  4. agree with that you are limited with the os installed....
    install a 64bit os
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