DirectX 10 compatibility issues

Alright here is my problem. I got a xfx HD6950 (1GB version), but when i play games like Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, and BF:BC2, the game crashes within a few seconds/minutes with the message "the display driver has stopped responding, and has successfully recovered." I had posted a thread a couple of days ago here:

Back then I thought it was either a faulty card or my PSU was not supplying enough power. I have tried rolling back to CCC version 11.4 and 11.5 (which is what I'm running now) and previously had 11.6 and have also tried underclocking. I have also tried changing the Timeout Detection and Recovery which I read about here:

After all of that I contacted XFX about RMA'ing my card, but I'm still not convinced it is a faulty card or PSU at this point. I can play Metro 2033, TF2, NBA 2K11 and every other DirectX 9 game. If I force BF:BC2 or Crysis into DX9 mode, it will play flawlessly, albeit alot less pretty. I thought, maybe by playing in DX 9, it isn't stressing the card enough. So then I played Witcher 2 (Which I believe is a DX 9 game) with ubersampling enabled just to see if it would crash but it still chugged along (I wouldn't call it playable at 15-20 FPS though). Could it still be a hardware issue if its only DX10 that causes a problem? But I'm still kinda confused since it plays Metro 2033. The settings indicate that it is running in DX9 mode with some DX10 shaders enabled. I cant really find anything relevant about this problem through google, so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a fix(I'm still waiting on a reply from XFX support).

My specs:
Windows Vista 64 bit
i7 930
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
1000w Kingwin PSU
XFX HD6950

EDIT: I forgot to mention I've checked for faulty memory through Windows Diagnostics tool and HWMontior is reporting a max temp of 77c under load which is normal for this card
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  1. maybe it was driver related. the game only crash in dx10. how about BFBC2 in DX11? try to clean install your graphic card driver and try updating your directx to the latest version and see how it goes

    EDIT: typo
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