If I had an ATX v2.2 mobo and PSU, it wouldn't matter what CPU I had, would it?
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  1. Just as long as it is supported by the motherboard!
  2. Yes it is all good and compatible parts! Both CPU and Motherboard are highly recommended here on the forum and the PSU is an OK PSU and is plenty big
  3. Thanks. Originally had the OCZ ModXStream Pro700W but saw this, and said, "For another ten bucks, you can get another 300W." Our mouths started watering at that point. Also, two more +12V rails. (6 total. :D)
  4. Now all you need is a couple of GTX580 on shell shocker deals!
  5. Ya lol. 6950s are shitting themselves in my rig. D:
  6. Enjoy it has the makings of a very good system!
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