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My uncle gave me a computer (in multiple pieces) to work on game development. It's not the best, but it should be more than sufficient to run the udk. However, I have a bit of w problem with my graphics card. Basically, my mouse is invisible, and several other things are problematic, such as the shutdown option box not displaying anything but a grey box with the three option boxes (no image, just grey boxes inside another grey box). My mouse works, and it sometimes shows a a black box, but I have yet to see a pointer. I have installed the latest driver from the AMD website , with no luck. The card is a radeon hd 2600 pro. Any suggestions are welcome, and I will do my best to respond to questions.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Has it always been like this? Like when your uncle had it, do you know if it has such problems?

    It sounds like the card might be faulty - check to see it's not overheating.

    The mouse and option boxes are the only problems, or is there anything else?

    And lastly, is this a fresh install of Windows?
  2. Ok. My uncle indicted when he gave me the computer that the card was fine. He never came out and said that though. So no problems there, I don't think. There is no indication that the card is overheating. There are no other graphics related issues that I have discovered yet, but iu just finished putting the compomputer together a few days ago, and just got it running last night. There may be things that I have yet to discover. And no, it is not a fresh install of windows. I am planning to install seven soon though.
  3. i think it's a problem with software..
  4. Could you please be a little more specific?
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