MSI Z77A-GD55 Memory at wrong clock speed

Relevant informations:
Motherboard- MSI Z77A-GD55
Cpu - Intel core i7 3770
Memory - ddr 3 Hyperx blu 2x8gb @ 1600mhz 11-11-11-29 CL10

-I don't have an unlocked cpu so XMP is not availabe ( I think )
-I didn't see any place where I could set up my memory clock speed to 1600mhz besides in overclocking (Even tough in my cpu specifications they say I can run 1600mhz)

So I overclocked my memory to 1600mhz, because I know it can run at this speed, but I wanted to know if I do it in the overclocking option is it a good idea? Will I have instability problems?

If it's not a good idea, is there any other ways for me to set the clock rate?
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  1. Ok, first of all, you need to set the timings to 9-9-9-27 (that's what they're supposed to be for that kit @ 1600). You also need to set the RAM voltage to 1.65V.

    Second, it's just fine to set everything manually.

    BUT, where does it say X.M.P. isn't available, though? Is the option just not there?

    It's in the manual (I checked), so I know it exists for that board, and having a non-K CPU wouldn't have anything to do with it. RAM overclocking is completely separate from CPU overclocking for SB and IB CPU's, so overclocking the RAM is possible on all boards that allow it, regardless of the CPU being used (as you can see, by being able to adjust the RAM manually). If the CPU was the problem, you couldn't even do that. Besides that, plenty of people with i3's use the X.M.P. profile with their CPU's, so if their "paltry" i3's (less overclockable than your i7) can do it, your i7 certainly can.

    Are you absolutely certain that you can't see/change the X.M.P. option? I see it right there in the OC menu, so unless you just have a borked BIOS, it has to be there somewhere.
  2. Took the whole thing in screenshot, you probably know more than me
  3. You're right, it's not there (it should be right under "Adjusted DRAM Frequency" in the first screen shot, according to the manual).

    I really don't understand why it's not there, though. There's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be. As far as I've ever known, having an unlocked CPU isn't a requirement for X.M.P. That's totally motherboard dependent.

    Regardless, at least you can set it manually (which, as I said before, if the CPU had anything to do with being able to use X.M.P., you wouldn't even be able to change the settings manually).

    Just set the timings and voltage correctly, like I said to in the first line of my reply above, and you'll be fine. 11-11-11-29 isn't unstable, it's just slower than what it should be and for the tighter 9-9-9-27 timings to be stable, you need the 1.65V voltage.
  4. Well this is exactly my memory and it says, 1,5V (Should I still do it)

    Also this is what cpu-z gives me (should I still use your timings)

    Sorry if I'm making you repeat yourself, I'm just making double sure don't wanna do anything wrong! >_<
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    Actually, you're right, there. I confused myself with the 8GB 2x4GB HyperX Blu kit.

    The problem now, is that I can't find the exact timings for that kit. I can get as far as 10-10-10, but I can't find the whole thing anywhere. My best guess is that it's 10-10-10-27 or 26.

    But yes, the voltage is 1.5V, or so everything says (that's slightly strange, since every 1600 HyperX kit that I've seen is 1.65V).
  6. Yeah this is just so weird, as I overclock to 1600, my voltage goes up to 1,68~ ish
    I'll leave it like that for now I guess, worst that can happen is I'm gonna have to buy new memory next year? =P
    Thank you for your help
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