Radeon HD 6950 Driver Problems

The driver's for my graphics card have causing my display to freeze, despite the sound and programs still running. I downloaded drivers from AMD's website and even Windows Update, but with no avail. After restarting the computer as prompted I got Blue Screened, with "Atikmdag.sys" listed as the sore spot. I rebooted my computer, went into safe mode, and searched my hard drive for "Atikmdag.sys" It didn't appear, except under "System 32" which I am unable to delete, not any ATI or AMD labeled file. I restarted the computer normally and a popup appeared saying that I had no video card drivers. After checking my device manager, I found that it wants me to restart my computer to fully install the drivers, causing a paradox trying to fry my brains with the stress and tiredness brought from this issue. Am I missing anything vital to do? I do not want to constantly be cold killing my computer from my display drivers crashing.

*Note* I am typing this on a laptop.

- Thanks, Justis
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  1. try system restore to before the 'issue' occured, and update the graphics drivers.
  2. The problem is that the freezing started a month or two after I built my computer, and I had been running on the same drivers with no problems until recently. Is there a chance that it's a hardware failure that an RMA would solve?
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