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I have a new Probook 5220M. The problem Im experiencing with wireless connection is when I try to connect to my home AP WITH SECURITY enabled (WEP, WPA, WPA2). If I disabled the security, it can connect flawlessly.

But at my office, the notebook can connect with WPA2 no problem. So far only tested these 2 APs. My home AP has serve since 2007 to many machines (till now) and so far no issue except for this new notebook. Its a new notebook, I have tested it on many conditions, without anything on it (fresh), with firewall/AV, safe mode, updated etc. but the result is the same.

My AP is a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 running Tomato 1.19 previously, now updated to 1.28 latest with hope to solve the issue.

Please advise,
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  1. Sometimes difficulties with encryption are caused by marginal reception so test with the computer in the same room as the router.

    Also make sure that security type is matched between the computer and router -- WPA PSK TKIP is the most common standard.

    You should try to optimise your reception and avoid interference.

    1) raise the router above furniture level
    2) Experiment with channels (some will work better or worse depending on your environment)
    3) If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi, use a channel 5 stops away from strongest.
    4) Relocate cordless phone base or video sender etc.
    5) Be prepared to move the computer (or at least turn it so your body is not between the router signal and the wireless adapter's antenna.
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