New sabertooth z77 build, won't power on

I put this together last night:

Sabertooth z77
i7 3770k
Cooler master 850w
gtx 670
gskill ddr3 4x4gb
hard drives and odd etc
inside a coolermaster haf 932

When I plug the power cord into the psu and flip the on switch, a green light lights up on the mobo. Pressing the power button does absolutely nothing. So I unplugged and checked all the connections. Power switch is plugged in, atx power is in etc. I also did the paper clip test on the psu which works fine. If the memory or cpu was seated incorrectly, this would be indicated by leds on the mobo, correct? Stand-off bolts are in place for the mobo. MemOK! button does nothing and the bios flashback led blinks on the back panel. Any thoughts? Sorry if this is sort of jumbled together, it's been a long night.

The psu had the standard atx power cable, but not an 8-pin connector. Instead it was 2 4-pin connectors that were separated. The manual shows using 1 8-pin connector or 1 4-pin connector. What do I do with this?
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  1. you could have a bad on switch on the case. have you tried taking off the reset and power cables and tries using a screw driver to short the power on pins??. also check that the vendor put the clear cmos jumper on the right pins. on the 4 by 4 cable that how new power supplys are. with asus mb if both dont fix all you need is one of them to power the mb up fine. (issue been brought up on rog with some cosair power supplys). just make sure it not the video card power plugs. there three fault leds on the mb one for cpu one for the video card and the ram. if none of them are may be that the i\o shield or a stand off is shorting the mb out. also before you pull the mb make sure the 4 pin and 24 pin are all the way in. the new asus mb are tuchy on how far the connector has to be in and also the new ram slots take a little force to lock in. there been a few dead ram slots on some of these mb. try using one stick of ram in one slot and walk it.
  2. Thank you for the reply, but as I waited, I took everything apart and started from step 1. Reseated the processor, memory, cpu cooler. The machine powered on with just those in there. Left the GPU out and didn't connect any devices. I will go reconnect everything and report back.
  3. Watch out for the bios button on the back. It trips on any little pressure and likes to stick in. This also makes it not boot or report any problems.
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