Keyboard and mouse probelms

Hello, i am use a Logitech g15 and g5. they sometimes shut off and turn back on. no idea why.
usually the mouse shuts off when playing games.
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  1. Hmm, it seems like a motherboard usb port problem.
    Are you plugging the G5 into the G15? If so, you might be overloading, so plug them in separate ports.
    Also try different usb ports to see if the same happens
  2. g5 and g15 share different ports and i have already rotated them through all the possible ports
  3. And they shutdown randomly at the same time, or at random times as well?
  4. random times. its rare if they go at the same time
  5. Weird, only thing i belive it could be is either your devices or the motherboard.

    As for the motherboard you can get a pci usb controller like this one and hopefully it fixes your issues.

    As for the devices, well getting new ones might not be the best option.

    Do you have logitech's latest drivers installed? Try other drivers to see if the same thing happens.
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