Sennheiser pc 360 work with integrated sound card?

hi i wanted to know if Sennheiser pc 360 headphones work with integrated sound card?

my pc is

Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO2
Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition - not overclock
120 SSD Intel Harddrive - Main Harddrive for windows
500g Harddrive -- Gaming / Movie Harddrive
24g Ram
Nvidia 295 gtx
8T External Network Storage System WD ShareSpace x2 - Movies / Anime

would my pc be good enough to use the Sennheiser pc 360 or would i need to go buy a sound card?
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  1. Yes it would work with the onboard audio chip.
    Of course a discrete soundcard would sound better imo.
  2. An onboard chipset should be able to drive a PC 360, but thats right at the point where you might find the volume too low without going through an amp...
  3. It will work with the onboard audio. No need for an amp, that headset is designed for gaming use on a PC...
    That headset is basically the open version of the PC350 I have been using for years.

    If you have hearing problems (or just want to blow your head off) you might need that external amp.
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