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Power requirement of MSI/Sapphire 6850 Standard

My current system build is:

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
2x2GB Corsair RAM
3HDDs (160+250+500) + 1DVD Writer

PSU: Corsair CX400

Will I be able to run the standard edition of MSI/Sapphire 6850 at full load?
Corsair doesn't seem to list CX400 as a certified power supply.

P.S. The review of CX400 here states that the CX400 has 2 12V rails (internally?) 12V1 & 12V2. Further googling suggests 12V1 is used for CPU power req. & 12V2 for "everything else". However on 80% load 12V2 can supply only 13A (acc to the review).

Nisheeth Barthwal
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    This review shows that card 6850 maxing out at 127W (just under 11A):

    Contrary to what you've listed for specs on that Corsair PSU, I see it as having one 12V rail with 30A and 360W total available for the 12V rail:

    The 6850 only requires just under 11A max on the 12V rail. If Corsair used to make this supply with two rails and that's what you have, that is cutting it extremely close with the power requirement of your disk and fans. How many Amps did the review show available on the 1st +12V rail?

    What does the sticker say on your power supply? One +12V or two?

    Your CPU requires just under 11A (125W) and the 6850 requires just under 11A (127W). That's 22W leaving only 8 available for what your disks, fans and DVD require. If it only has one at 30A as the Corsair site indicates, you're still cutting it close. It will probably work, but if you get to the point where all those disks are in motion and if you have a bunch of fans and you put the max load on your GPU, it may start to show signs of a power issue. As a result, though that CX400 would suffice 95% of the time, I'd recommend a CX500 or better just to cover everything at full capacity. You don't want to create you're own little brown-out within your system. It could damage your components.
  2. Thanks for this insight.

    My PSU clearly mentions 30A on a single 12V rail (don't get it why in the review it says 12V1 & 12V2)

    I just bought the PSU a year ago (seemed perfect back then). My other peripheral would consume ~6A give or take 0.5A.

    Corsair 550VX seems about right but with ~5k INR ($11) it seems I'd have to buy a CX400 ($5) all over again.

    P.S. Have 2 120mm regular non-LED fans.
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