My New PC build is having some issues

Hi Guys, I need some help. Last week I finished my first PC build ever :) , I just graduated from college and got a real person job and finally had the money to do this, I have always wanted to build a gaming rig. The first couple days my PC ran fine, these days were used for configuring and downloading drivers and what not. However I have started to have some very strange issues that I need some help solving. Firstly I will give my PC specs:

CPU: Intel i7-2600k (not OC yet, I want my system stable before I do any OC'ing)
GPU: 3 X Nvidia gtx580 fermi superclocked (in 3 way SLI)
PSU: Silverstone 1500W psu
Drives : 2 OCZ vertx 120GB running in raid 0
1 2TB seagate 7200rpm barracuda
RAM: 2 X Corsair vengeance (2 X 4GB) dual channel memory for a total of 16GB
MOBO: Gigabyte z68-Ud7
OS: Win7 Ultimate 64bit
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
OD: Plextor BD drive
Monitors: 3 X Acer 120hz 3d monitors

Ok so now to the problems. Firstly I have been experiencing complete freeze ups on my PC at various times. 1) Sometimes when starting a game (World of Warcraft) and sometimes in the first five minutes of playing a game. 2) When trying to configure my displays using the nvidia control panel. Either trying to span display for surround or disabling re-enabling SLI.

The freeze ups start with the sound becoming messed up and then the PC freezes. I have not gotten any BSODS. I have checked all of my temperatures and everything is running fine sometimes the first GPU will reach 70 degrees Celsius but the CPU never goes above 45C.

Ok so now to the second major issue that I am having. Sometimes after I have to do a hard reset because of the freezing, my display setting will go from surround to just using one monitor. This would be understandable because of the reset however when I go into Nvidia control panel it only recognizes the monitor that is currently showing and the one connected to the third GPU, it does not pick up the 2nd GPU's monitor however the 2nd GPU is detected. I know what your thinking but I have used all three GPU's separately while troubleshooting and they all work fine, so this clearly isn't the case of a bad GPU. I need help! I am going to go home tonight and check my RAM, both settings in BIOS for speeds, and volts and run a memTest overnight to see what happens. If that does not work then I don't know what to do. I have invested a lot of time and money into this "Ultimate PC" and I am starting to get very depressed and upset by this stupid problem.

Please Help!
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  1. The first thing to suspect is memory timing and voltage . Check it in BIOS .

    It sounds from reading that you have monitor plugged in to each of the three graphics cards .
    Shouldnt the cards be connected by the SLI bridges , and then all monitors connected to one card?
  2. For SLI it does not mater what cards the monitors are plugged to. Each Nvidia card only has a dual ramdac each card can only drive 2 monitors.

    I suspect one of the video cards is a little wonky. I would test them one at a time by playing your most demanding games on only one card. If it freezes up then change the card and try again. This way you trouble shoot and still get to have some fun.

    Importantly be methodical in your checking. Make a spread sheet and or even a paper ledger and track every change you make to see if it helps. Doing 30 adjustments at once will just confuse the situation.
  3. Ok so night I changed the voltage in BIOS from 1.500 to 1.510, and changed the timing from 9-9-9-24 to 8-8-8-24. Ran Memtest86+ last night for 7.5 hours and it passed everything multiple times. I am going to check the GPU's again tonight to make sure that nothing is wrong with them. I will post more as I start to figure stuff out.
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