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i bought a intel E5700 processor and it's FSB is 800 so now i need to buy new mother board with DDR3 mother board with 1333 ram so the problem is my cpu is 800 and if i bought 1333 ram can i get that performance without a problem???? :o
i'm currently using DDR2 800mhz ram if it's help
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  1. no, you cant stick ddr3 ram in a ddr2 mobo, either way around... if your buying a mobo with ddr3 support, make sure the socket # matches the one here

    ... now that i look, its LGA775
  2. Thanks for your answer nna2

    I'M going to buy this motherboard and yes it's LGA 775 motherboard

    i'm asking you is there any performance problem with FSB because ram is 1333 and processor is 800
  3. their will be no problem, as they will synchronize them self in a specific ratio automaticaly
  4. thanks for the answer and is that mean If my Processor FSB is 800mhz and the memory speed work as the same i mean
    CPU FSB 800Mhz = Ram SPEED 800MHZ
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    no, it will be at 1333MHz if it supports it.... and it doesish, in overclock mode
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