How build a gaming comp for 1000$

Whats the best gaming computer you can think of building for 1000$
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  1. Check my sig. The best you can get.
  2. Zero_ said:
    Check my sig. The best you can get.

    I would change the case and psu. Rosewill isn't that good of a company and Im sure you can get a better psu by corsair or antec for ~$60
  3. You cant get a better PSU for that price. It's an Antec Earthwatts 650W btw. Not cheap crap.

    As for the Rosewill case, it's pretty decent for the price.
  4. i would reccomend you spend good money on the case, a good case will give you the airflow you need for a cool rig, try the lanboy air, comes with 5 free fans and you can add another 10, *** aftermarket cpu coolers
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