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  1. Got for the 2nd one: Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX. It provides better feature than gigabyte. Plus low price than gigabyte.
  2. Ok mubin. Thanks for the reply man

    P.S. Is it worth spending that extra 20 pounds for the thunderfx? Because my sound system has a controller as well.

    I can get the same offer without the device
  3. No, no need extra 20 pound for thunderfx. Without the thunderfx MAXIMUS V FORMULA has SupremeFX IV – AMPed For Perfect Audio. It it is good enough.

    Get the £222.92 offer including vat for MAXIMUS V FORMULA.
  4. Definitely go for the Maximus V Formula - It's the BEST motherboard out there for a gamer.

    I have a Maximus V Extreme which is more or less the same. The audio on the formula is absolutely mind-blowing!

    Overclock Ability - AMAZING.

    Stays Cool - Hell yeah!

    SLI/Crossfire - No problem at all!

    RAM - Easy to overclock a ram, just the clicks of a few buttons.

    The best part of these ROG motherboards is the UEFI bios it provides.

    Here's a story - Before I bought my Maximus V Extreme - I never overclocked anything other than my graphics card cuz my stupid old computer didn't let me overclock it even a bit! After I bought it - I tweaked every single part of my PC including the video card, the CPU, the RAM - Everything and now sir, I'm the MemTweakIt PRO Overclock Rank.4 worldwide. Just because of these absolutely mind-blowing motherboards.

    If you have any problem regarding the board - Hit me up whenever you like!
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