Problem with LG e500, liquid damage

I have the LG e 500 laptop. As i know on the laptop they threw coca cola.So now the laptop is dead.With the battery on , when i pushed the power button it was completely dead. When the battery was not on and i pushed the power button it only lights up only the power led and the standby led and does nothing.I have to shut it down only by unplug the dc jack.After a few times that i tried this, the CPU fun turned on and a few seconds later the laptop just shut down and from that moment it is completely dead. The dc adapter is OK.
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  1. There's no telling how much damage the liquid did. Your best bet is to get an electronic contact cleaner, something like this -
    And remove the keyboard, battery and power of course, and clean all the boards and chassis. Once they are all dry put it all back together and hope it works like normal.
  2. I cleaned with cotton and alcohol.Tried but nothing.
  3. Well, you probably damaged it by "trying it" before it was completely dried out. The very first thing that should've been done when the liquid was spilled was unplug it from the wall and remove the battery. Then take it apart or wait DAYS for it to dry Completely before trying to turn it back on.
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