CPU (HeatSink) Fan Runs at 4200rpm?

The heatsink fan on my kid's Gateway, which runs on an Acer G43T-AM motherboard is spinning at about 4200 rpms and it's very noisy, so I'm hoping there's something that I can do.

It's a two year-old computer and because of a long story, the motherboard has been in and out of the computer three or four times over the past couple of months and there's been at least three people (myself included), who has either taken it out or have put it back in. Prior to the power supply going bad, which started us down this twisted road, the heatsink fan wasn't noticable and I have no idea how much it ran because I never thought to look.

After the power supply was replaced (upgraded), the original fan was far too noisy, so I checked in BIOS to find that it was spinning at 4000+ and after redoing the thermal paste and searching this forum, plus the rest of the 'net, I ordered a new CoolerMaster fan from a Gateway authorized retailer and it starts out at 4166, then goes to 4192 after a while, before fluctuating between it and 4264 rpms.

(It should be noted that the original CPU fan was taken out at least twice, while the motherboard was being taken in and out, then it was reinstalled several times after the power supply was replaced)

After watching it for a while in BIOS at 0 load and after turning it off overnight, I booted Windows, installed SpeedFan (which apparently can't control the fan on this MB). The System Temp has been steady at about 34c for the past six hours (with people using the machine) and the CPU temp is at 68c.

Prior to booting Windows, as I've been playing with the old fan and the new, the System Temp always started around 28c with no load and the CPU has only given me 68 in both BIOS and SmartFan.

Any suggestions on how to quiet this fan would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Edited to Add: The processor is a Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz
My research has shown they all run at different temps, so I throw that info into the mix.

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  1. If the fan is a PWM fan, you can usually adjust the speed in the BIOS. If its not a PWM fan or your motherboard header is only a 3-pin rather than a 4-pin, the fan will always just run at max speed.
  2. I assume it's a PWM fan because it didn't used to run at max speed, if it even ran at all before the whole repair saga began and both the new and old fans have four leads, which connect to four pins.

    In BIOS, I've found the fan section with all its different measurements, but the only thing it will let me change is to enable or disable "Smartfan", neither of which, as far as I can tell makes any difference or causes anything to perform differently.

    BTW: The BIOS is labeled AMI v02.61

  3. 68c is a high temp so no wonder fan is going like the clappers.

    I would suggest dumping the whole heatsink, as the fan looks like it not cooling it efficiently and stick on a Hyper 212+ or Freezer Pro. £20.

    Check if they will fit, as they are designed for tower type base units.
  4. 68 degree's isn't that high..... that's about right for temps when the PC is under load.

    Buying a cheap after-market heatsink/fan would solve your noise issues (providing you opted for a quiet operating one), and you would also likely see slightly lower temperatures over the stock cooler too.

    Unless you have a WIDE case, 212+/212 EVO are out of the question. They require a case at least 19cm wide in order to fit the side panel on.

    Id check out some of the "Scythe" coolers, they do some nice low-profile, low noise options at good price. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=+50002108+40000574&QksAutoSuggestion=&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&Configurator=&IsNodeId=1&Subcategory=-1&description=scythe&hisInDesc=&Ntk=&CFG=&SpeTabStoreType=&AdvancedSearch=1&srchInDesc=
    For UK websites try: SCAN.co.uk, Ebuyer.co.uk, Aria.co.uk, Novatech.co.uk, Amazon.co.uk
  5. The CoolerMaster came with a heatsink. Supposedly, it's a replacement for my original fan and heatsink. Though, it really only looks the same because in the broadest sense because the replacement has a differently-shaped heatsink, a logo label, plus a different type screw and base.

    But, the old fan and the new heatsink/fan both turn around 4200 rpm.

    As for the temp, this computer doesn't give a reading in BIOS and I haven't tried to install SpeedFan, so I don't have a comparison and only know from Google, how 68 might rate.
  6. @AdrianPerry: I wondered how 68 compared. Thanks. Though, it does seem to be the steady temperature for that machine. It's 68 when it's just in BIOS, when it sits in BIOS for some time and when it's been running Windows and net apps for several hours. The only time the temperature has varied since I started watching it was the one time, I booted to BIOS without a heatsink and turned it off after it went up a degree.
  7. Had the same problem on the same motherboard go to bios and just set it back to default settings the fan goes back to1200 or so temp 46 but if its from PC world check the power supply the one I have here has a 250watt i9 quad core 4gb RAM- 1tb -creative platiunmxf-i +blue ray player +blue ray burner but the ati radeon 512 hdmi graphics card wonts at least 400watt power supply minimum never mind the rest.
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