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New PC. Need Help


So I have been using Macs for the past 6 years or so, and I have just got both a desktop and laptop in the PC verison.

I am trying to refamilarize myself with the Windows os. I have win7.

I am currently trying to see the speed of my 8GB of ram...I can't find that info anywhere. I am looking to upgrade the RAM speed to 1600, DDR3 12800, if that is not what my XPS laptop came with.

Any help?
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  1. Get a program called Pc Wizard or Cpu-z I do not think you can overclock ram on dell laptops.
  2. I'm not looking to least I don't think I am...again, I am new to all the tech talk...

    I went to the crucial site, plugged in my laptop, and it says it can hold up to 16Gb, and in 3 different speeds...

    So if I am wanting to get the faster speed that crucial says will that overclocking?
  3. This is what apple has done to people :D Anyways go get the following programs, it isn't overclocking btw. All it is, is saying that your motherboard can support those ram speeds. However you do not want ram that runs at 1.65volts though I do not know much about ram timings on laptops. 1333mhz should be good.
  4. I agree with you...I enjoyed my apple time, but now I feel like my grandmother trying to figure you the PC again!

    another question...

    I have bought a SSD to install in my laptop. I have also been told to do a clean install of windows 7 to remove the bloatware that comes on the preinstalled version.

    so I am guessing i need to install the SSD first, and then do the fresh install correct?

    I am just going to find a youtube instructional video for how to install the SSD....
  5. use hwinfo32, pcwizard, cpuid to get info of your current ram.
    If you want to use your current ram then yov will need ram of same speed and timing (size can vary).
    But if you want to get the fastest ram that your board can support then you will need to dump your previous ram (if they are not identical in timing and speed)

    post some specification of your hardware so we can guide you more to buy the fastest and best ram (use cpuid)

    also to use 4gb or more ram you will need a 64bit window
    as 32bit window can support upto 4gb only
  6. thanks for the help truegenius! it is much appreciated.

    so here are my stats...i downloaded pcwizard to get them:

    i do have 64bit windows 7

    the current ram is 8GB total (2x4GB) and is PC3-PC3-10700 (667MHz)-DDR3-1333 says my laptop can take:
    DDR3 PC3-10600 and DDR3 PC3-12800

    so i am guessing i can simply discard the current ram and upgrade to the faster 12800

  7. If my above plan sounds good, here are 2 options at newegg. one has a case latency of 11, and is on sale for $34.99 and the other has a case latency of 9 and is on sale for 60.99. Both are for 8GB sets.

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    i would personally go with the G skill however the kingston one runs a few mhz faster. It all depends on what you do.
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