Radeon 6870 vs 6850 Sapphire vs XFX

Just a note, i know there is a stick here but I need to choose... The Details are below...

And on a side note, Sapphire or XFX??? The XFX Cards have DUAL fans which may be better for cooling. The thing is that, i'm buying the card in America and then i'm coming to Turkey where i work to build it, and if it doesn't work then how will i RMA it back to the USA? Which company has better support and RMA...


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, COD4,Cod5, TF2, <-- Those are easy games... Also i'll probably be playing some better more powerful games soon though maybe bf3 on medium settings is fine.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: This is a new build, But im thinking of buying a Cooler Master 600W or a Corsair 650W MODULAR for both, the problem is that the corsair is $30 more on a budget, will the cm 600w run my rig..??

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Intel i5-2500k, MSI P67 Mobo, 8GB DDR3, Hardrives, DVD, NZXT M59, CM Hyper 212+


PARTS PREFERENCES: I want the Radeon series, sapphire or XFX?

OVERCLOCKING: No, Probably not for my GPU and no Crossfire either


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: good cooling is a plus

edit: My Budget is ~$160-180 AFTER Reabtes!
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  1. You forgot to mention your budget. Manufacturer does not matter. Just get a card with a better cooler. I will suggest MSI Twin Frozr series for it. They have a custom PCB design and the installed cooler is very effective.
  2. My Budget is ~$160-180 AFTER Reabtes! ^^ That card is too expensive
  3. I think i'll go for the 6870 dual fan?
  4. Here is a good 6870 card in your budget -

  5. @^^ I found this!


    Is this worth the extra $20 from the 8650?
  6. As Emperus said, manufacturer does not matter... almost. 600W PSU will run your rig fine.
  7. ^^ thenk you mr shrkbay
  8. i can't open the link you posted, if it's 6870 then yes it's worth 20$ over 6850
  9. Okay thank you Shrkbay :)
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