Gtx 460: MSI Hawk vs eVGA Superclocked EE

Hi everyone! I'm thinking about changing my graphics. And I have two different choices now:
MSI Hawk
eVGA Superclocked EE

Now I know there are different choices, but these two look best to me.
But I can't decide which one to choose. The MSI is just a little bit more overclocked, but the eVGA has EE(External Exhaust). Can you help me out a bit?

My current set is:
MB: 880gm-ud2h
CPU: Athlon II x3 455 3.3GHz unlocked to Phenom II x4 B55 without L3 cache
PSU: Fortron SAGA II 500W
RAM: Kingston 2GB 1333MHz + 2 more as soon as I have enough money for it after the graphics

I believe my PSU is capable of standing the VGAs, it has +12V1 -> 18A and +12V2 -> 18A, so thats 36A on two 12V lines.

I'm from Bulgaria and these GPUs cost at least $320-$330 so I prefer to buy it from newegg. And I prefer not to send it back to the service any time soon.
What's you call?
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  1. MSI Hawk, better cooling, can reach higher clocks, better design *personal*
  2. Isn't the external exhaust better than the two fans? I always keep my case open, because it's a cheap one, but still the external exhaust seems like a better cooling. The design is absolutely better for the Hawk.
    And what do you think of the power supply? The MSI Hawk uses ~370W under load. On my PSU the sticker says that the max combined power of the 2 12V pin connectors is 408W. I think it's not going to be a problem.
  3. yeah, idk how can GTX460 consume 370W under load, even GTX570 doesn't consume that much, so it's probably with the system :P
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