Video card upgrade help!

I currently have a:

Videocard: hd 3650 256mb ddr2
Processor: i7 920 @ 3Ghz
Mainboard: intel x58 (ICH10R)
Memory: 8gb ddr3 1333 OCZ
Soundcard: onboard
PSU: 750w kingwin mk black series

So as you guys can see, I REALLY need a video card upgrade, and am looking to play a bunch of games. Some of which black ops, diablo 3, guild wars 2, other MMORPGS and FPS games as well. I have been looking at a little less than the $300 price point. Also, I have to add I play at a little bit of a lower res then most probably, 720p via HDMI cable to my 32'' Samsung HDTV. I have been looking at some GTX 560 ti cards, GTX 570s, GTX 480s as well. I am going green now, and have been using ATi cards for alittle bit. So I am trying to just stay on the NVIDIA side now. One other last thing is that I have enough room in my case for a dual slot solution, but not a whole lot of room under that so for instance the Zotac AMP! GTX 480 would def not fit, but I had a Gigabyte HD 5770 in my case and it's dual slot and fit just fine. I have pretty good cooling in my room as well, tower is hoisted up and has a big fan blowing in and AC on in my room usually as well. Def don't want anything less than a GTX 560 ti and was looking at those models, maybe even a gtx 480 or gtx 570 if I can find a good deal, but those might be overkill for my setup to be completely honest.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. My theory is get as much video power as you have within your budget. You're using the 720p TV now, but you may switch to a new monitor in the future.

    You can pick up a GTX 570 within the $300 range. Nothing at this price point compares.
  2. My Samsung 32'' HDTV @ 720p is pretty awesome actually cause it has 1080p functionality as well but it is only 32'' so 720p basically looks the same as 1080p on it just at a better solution for my tv. Yeah, I have been looking at some GTX 570s.
  3. A 720p HDTV will do 1080i, though I've never heard of a 720p set doing 1080p otherwise they'd call it that. Did you mean 1080i?
  4. No dude my samsung 720p can do 1080p as well, it's just not big enough for it basically "size-wise", I guess you can call it 1080p 32'' tv but it is meant for 720p.
  5. What is the model on that TV?

    Either way, I'd still go with the 570. It's a great card for the money.
  6. Ok Thanks!
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