PSU selection help!

I'm going to be buying a computer with the following specs:

Intel i5 2400
Intel DH67BL
Seagate SATA HDD
Cooler Master Elite 310

The max budget of my rig is around 30-35k and this allows me about 7k for a PSU and a Graphics card.

I might buy a graphics card, but it wont need a 6 pin PCIE connector because i will buy the GT 520 or 6570 or the 6670. (max 66W)

Please recommend a power supply for my computer max 3k. Actually i read reviews and was considering the Corsair CX 430V2 because it is very good and can supply upto 500W power @ 45C.

I recently read that it is better to go for a more powerful PSU beacuse it is future proof and gives better efficiency..

I used a power calculator and it showed 254W recommended with a radeon 6670.
If i add 40% for capaciotr aging, it shows 336W, which shows that the CX 430V2 is more than enough...

Should i buy:

Corsair Builder Series CX 430V2 - 2.4k
Seasonic S12II-430 430W - 2.6k
Corsair Builder Series CX 500V2 - 3.1k
SeaSonic Model S12II 520 - 3.4k

Will there be any advantages of buying a Seasonic unit over the Corsair one even if it has the same wattage?

Please recommend..
I need something that has good quality and will last 4 years at least...

NOTE: This is my max budget....

Im in India...
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  1. For your current system cx430v2 woould be enough but personally I would go for the CX500 v2 because cx500 v2 has enough juice to power a mid-high end gpu (because in future you might wanna upgrade your gpu to something more powerful).Both corsair and seasonic products are great but corsair has better after sales service in India.So its better if you choose corsair.
  2. You said that Corsair cx 500v2 would be a better choice...

    Where are the corsair service centres in India?
    I cant find any reviews on the 500 v2, but the reviews on the cx430v2 say its good and can even supply 500W @ 45C!!

    Is it much of an improvement?
  3. Bottom line is, either of those brands are good PSUs and can be recommended. I agree with getting one with a higher wattage as it future-proofs your system a bit.

    I wouldn't worry about finding after-sales centres right now...if you need them, you can contact the manufacturer online and they'll take you through the process.
  4. One advantage the Seasonic S12II units will have over the Corsair CX units is that they are more efficient, albeit it is only 80Plus standard vs 80Plus Bronze.
    I would go for one of the Seasonics as they do have higher build quality as well.
  5. Yes, I heard about Seasonic, but is it woth spending 200 rupees ( $4) on the seasonic?
  6. TechGuyBlade said:
    Yes, I heard about Seasonic, but is it woth spending 200 rupees ( $4) on the seasonic?

    Will that amount of money be enough to replace things if you get the choice wrong?
  7. TechGuyBlade said:
    Yes, I heard about Seasonic, but is it woth spending 200 rupees ( $4) on the seasonic?

    It would be for me.
  8. But are you people 100% sure that the Seasonic unit is better than the Corsair?
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