How to allocate bandwidth? Urgent

i have read that we can do that by setting QoS, but i seem to cant find how to set it.
this is my router model AirLive WT-2000ARM Turbo-G ADSL Router(as said on the router page)
and this is the page where i can find qos setting.
i want to use this feature because i have more than one computer and i load some bittorent occasionally.

alternate methods are always appreciated
thank you .
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  1. Only way I know of to do that is with Cisco routers where you can allocate each ports bandwidth. A cisco router is very expensive. I'm talking > $1k .
  2. thankyou.
    but i am sure there would be some other alternate ways, wouldnt it?
    if anybody got some or knows how to set it in my router please let me know.
  3. Yeah your router might not support it. I would look around for other router that do support it. Most home router they don't put any thing cool on them, because 99% of the people that use them, just plug them in and it just works, and that is all they care about.

    If that doesn't work you can also look in the hacked firmware of routers, but it only works on certain routers. is one the does it.

    If you have a spare computer I would look in to Untangle, and turns that spare computer into a router.

    Or I would look in to industrial routers, yes they are expensive new, but used, you can some times get them for free, if your know the right people. Just look at surplus.
  4. Thankyou.
    And yes i do have a spare computer, so if i turn that one into a server would it allow me to allocate bandwidth? if so which server OS should i use? i am thinking i will use some that are based Linux. Suggestions please
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    I am using Untangle the moment. I actually have not played with the QoS on it, but it does have it, and I believe it will do what your want you are looking for. They have there own forums, I would ask around there to be sure.

    By the way Untangle OS is free.
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