Cable testing issue


I'm making some hybrid cable RJ45----RJ11(6p4c)

I follow the color code carefully. Crimp and test. Each time I get the following results
RJ45--- RJ11
1 --- 2 ( on)
2 --- 3 ( on)
3 --- 4 (nothing)
6 --- 5 (on)

The 3rd cable is always off !
I thought it would be the crimping tool or the heads but I've made some RJ11---RJ11 working perfect with the same tools/heads...

Any idea?
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  1. This might help you out.

    As far as I can understand you, you're using a cat5 cable, one end is RJ45, other is a 6pin RJ11?

    If I am right, the matching would be this :
    RJ45 RJ11
    use-pin use-pin
    T1 -5 R1 -3
    R1 -4 T1 -4
    T2 -3 R2 -5
    R2 -6 T2 -2
    T3 -1 R3 -6
    R3 -2 T3 -1

    Since you're using only 4 cable (2 pairs) remove the R3/T3.
  2. Well, the problem might come from the Tester itself. It seems it can handle cable test with the same number of pin only.

    I connected two of the hybrid cables together with an adapter female female


    1 --- 1 ( on)
    2 --- 2 ( on)
    3 --- 3 (on)
    6 --- 6 (on)

  3. You could be right, depending on the type of tester you are using.
    I know some tester will let you know if you receive some signal or not on each pin, whatever the connection is.
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