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i am having acer aspire 5745 laptop can i attach graphics card to it ,is it possible. tell me in detail i will be very thankful to u.
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  1. No, you cannot attach a graphics card to a laptop. Unless you use an external Graphics card and an external monitor it is completely impossible for the most part. I would not upgrade a laptop graphics card unless you are very experiences at taking it apart, and are perfectly happy to pay inflated prices (two or three times) the price for the graphics chips.

    with that particular laptop you will probably never find an upgraded chip, and it will probably not be compatible with the laptop motherboard.

    If you are interested in external Graphics cards they almost all have far worse performance than your current Graphics card has.
  2. No. It's not possible. Sorry.
  3. Possible through mini pcie to full pcie bridge but runs on x1 speed and require external power and external monitor, so that the laptop is not portable anymore. IMO it is not worth it since gpu will be bandwidth limited and laptop is nothing more than a desktop in a laptop chassis. You probably don't want to do it unless you are a laptop enthusiast and want to test your skill.
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