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I'm in the market for a new computer with a somewhat of a budget, but have been jumping around with a bunch of different motherboards - namely one to fit the third generation of intel processors.

I was looking at the ASUS p8z68-v-le ($69) motherboard, but would initially have to purchase a $42 G530 processor to do a BIOS update before spending $190 on my i5 3470.

Should I go that route, or is it worth it to get something like a p8z77-v-lx ($128), AsRock H77-PRO4-MVP ($98) or GA-H77-DH3 ($108) and go straight on to the 3rd gen intel i5. (Which Mobo would you choose, mind you no overclocking is expected to be done)

If I went for the p8z68-v-le I could go with this config

Case: $72 Thermtake Versa II
Mobo: $69 p8z68-v-le
CPU: $42 G530
RAM: $23 AMD entertainment 4GIG
SSD: $66 Samsung 530
DVD: $23 Asus DVD thingy
Hard-Disk: $107 1 TB caviar black (Is it worth it to go down to a blue for just $84 performance wise?)
All up: $402 (OEM not needed)

And get the upgraded CPU plus a GPU (probably 6870) somewhat further down the track. Having a better computer than this old pre-built hunk would be nice as soon as possible.

Alternatively, going the route with the other boards I'm looking at about 600$+ before I can get the thing up and running. Mind you this PC down the track once the CPU and GPU are updated/added would be used for mainly BF3 on whatever settings.
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    Since you dont want to overclock and want to buy a i5-3470 which is not overclockable go with H77 mobo. Go with asrock for good price($69.77):

    It is good enough for you.
  2. These are based on Australia (MSY) prices, btw.

    Is there any downfall in going with a mATX over an ATX. Only one I can think of it less expansion slots? I'd be chucking a network adapter in there with the GPU at some point.
  3. As you dont want to overclock, you can go with matx. Its lack on overclocking with limited memory slot, less amount of memory and no multi-gpu.
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