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I had installed Win7 Home Premium 64 previously but had a damaged CPU socket (GA-Z68-UD3H-B3 Gigabyte board) so RMA'd it back and got replacement in last friday evening. I inspected the board and all looked great so I popped in 2 4GB dimms in slots 3_1 and 3_3 and everything came up as I had hoped for system loading. I populated the other 2 slots for my 16GB memory (had previously ran memtest 11+ passes on each dimm so known good) and it saw all the memory. I ran Prime95 sunday for 6+ hrs = no issues (set XMP Profile1 for 1600Mhz memory speed as that's what the vengeance are rated at) and have Azalia enabled, ACHI for Sata controllers, Turbo for USB 3.0 and that's about it. I am not overclocking this, just perhaps some voltage tweaks to run the 16Gb memory @ 1600Mhz and have stable/smooth running system.

Issue: This replacement board I am getting NO audio out rear speaker jack (or side). I plugged the cable into the top panel as well as headset connector and Mic for input and they worked fine on top panel (thermaltake armor case).

System specs:

Win7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM installation disc (bought 3 pack for 2 of my desktops and spare for later use)
i5 2500K Cpu
XFX GTS-250 PCI-e 1Gb video
650W Thermaltake PSU (for now, replacing with Corsair HX650 since system been running 24x7 for 4 yrs or so)
GA-Z68-UD3H B3 mobo (believe it is also a Rev. 1.3 like prior board) with F10 loaded (came with F9 BIOS)
16GB Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB matched set
Thermaltake Armor case
Samsung SATA II 500GB install disk
WD Green 1TB 2ndary disk (has old XP installation till I get this sorted out, then cleaned up)

Device manager shows spearkers for output device. I need to make a couple minor changes but I had set it to Do Nothing for one of the settings (I believe when plugged into top or rear connections). Latest driver set for Realtek HD Audio from Gigabyte, latest Intel Display and other drivers loaded.

So on mobo I have Azalia connector going to top case in/out ports for headphone/speaker and microphone. I get no recording in from rear using headset mic, no audio out with headset plugged into Rear speaker or side speaker jacks. I do hear a bit of line noise over speakers when in rear jack but that's it. I've been through everything I can think of and need to get this resolved to either fixed/working OR RMA it and have limited time to do the latter (18 days so I have about 12 days left to get an RMA number for this return).

So to reiterate, top connections WORK, rear connections DO NOT WORK. Nothing showing bad in device manager (It shows Realtek High Def audio and Intel Display something....and tried disabling the Intel and didn't make any difference). I am connected to the DVI connector to my LCD. The monitor is shared between this and my other older desktop (it uses Motu 828Mk II FW audio interface as it's my DAW system and speakers are M-Audio BX8a dual inputs (been working great till this replacement board) via 1/4" from Motu to speakers and this build via 1/8" to Male XLR inputs to speakers) and I share monitor via a USB KVM setup (Belkin).

So any input asap would be much appreciated. I found a thread I forwarded home to try a couple more things this evening. Otherwise I am pulling mobo out, getting RMA and shipping it back tomorrow on way home from work....I really don't want to have this system down for yet another week.....and still have to verify my Corsair is good but that'll probably be this evening as well if time permits. I like the board/mem/cpu setup and keeping existing GFX card for time being as system is game/internet/general workhorse on 24x7.
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  1. Ok, I found another thread and tried everything in it. The thing is the system is detecting when plug or unplug into the rear panel. I removed the speaker cable and it said it was removed. I plugged in headset and mic and got 2 notifications that they were plugged in. I set all volumes to 100 in the speaker configuration page (enhancements, etc) and still get no output from the rear plugs yet it detects connections/disconnections. So what I am possibly missing here because I've done just about everything/every trick I know of to solve this issue. Could there be something conflicting in BIOS that could be related to this? Nothing in HDMI port or D-port (other graphics one) or the VGA port. I am only connected to the DVI my video card. I see there is some metal over top of onboard DVI connector. I will have to look at that after but think it's just where the plate and connection slid into. No arcs/sparks/burning smells detected since working on this rebuild.
  2. Wow 60+ views and noone has any suggestions in a day?! LOL. Anyways, I went into BIOS and changed the onboard grfx option that if PEG is installed to disable it and it disappears from Device Manager. That's ok/good thing that it does that, but it didn't make any difference (as I thought as much about that too). Only thing left to do possibly tonight is to remove the board and inspect it closely underneath but I have a strong feeling that I'll be RMA-ing yet another one (be 2nd one, first one audio worked out of the box to rear plugs but had a couple bent pins on CPU socket which prevented me from running a) dual channel and b) all 4 4GB sticks.
  3. First and formost, check the sounds tab of the windows control panel and check which device is set as teh default output device. Could simply be that the wrong device is selected...

    Second thing to check is to see if the green volume bar next to the device goes up/down when audio is being played. This would indicate that the OS thinks its outputting audio correctly.

    Third thing to try would be to manually assign the rear output jack to stereo out, in case the realtek software is detecting the jack incorrectly for some reason.
  4. I am pretty sure the speakers are default output (green checkmark). I recorded in via headset mic to soundrecorder and played it back and saw the output levels flucuating as they should be when audio is played so that is working and was for the speakers.

    How do I manually assign the jack to stereo out? I will have to review this at home but I'm pretty sure I've been all over these options over the past 2 days/nights after work. I do now have StereoMix in the devices listed in RealTek HD Audio pane (shows only normal sized speakers in lower half of screen and front speakers/surround are unchecked). The Realtek Digitals are unchecked/disconnected because I have nothing in the SP/DIF connection nor other plugs. Even playing an audio CD gives no output to the speakers. If this turns out to be some obscure configuration I'll be surprised. This is the *same* install from initial board that had CPU sckt dmg (couldn't use slots Chan. A at all) and audio worked out of the box with it, had to do very little and this is same mobo (need to verify this is a Rev. 1.3 vs 1.0 still as prior was 1.3 (B3) and B3 replacement so should be 1.3. Believe me, I've done all I can a) think of from my knowledge of building systems/working with audio, b) reading here, c) official gigabyte forum thread I got going there too. So I am kinda stumped.
  5. I believe the Realtek software gives teh ability to manually assign what output is used for what jack by selecting it from their software and assigning the output, but its been a long time since I last used the Realtek software...

    If the volume bar is moving, then Windows thinks the audio output device is getting the signal...Out of curiosity, do oyu have any other speakers to test with? [Unlikely, but still worth testing...]
  6. Yeah, I am looking into that possibility (it is being routed elsewhere but don't understand why when prior mobo (same model and same BIOS I flashed to) worked fine. I hadn't made any changes since I shut it down to RMA the first board back to NewEgg.

    As for speakers, my set up is the following:

    This desktop with 1/8" to XLR Male connectors to M-Audio BX8a powered Studio Monitors
    DAW desktop with Motu 828Mk II FW interface with 1/4" out from it to same speakers but using the 1/4" in jacks. I wanted the Rockits but couldn't justify the money (and it has those 2 inputs + RCAs). This has worked flawlessly between my systems. I use a Belkin USB KVM to switch between the desktops and am sharing a 20" WS LCD monitor I've had for awhile now. I am mainly on the system I am rebuilding and utilize DAW when a) working on music or b) fiddling with main system and need to be/get online to do stuff (gaming/email/etc...).

    So to answer the last part is no, I don't have a spare pair of speakers, only my logitech Headset w/mic which I will be plugging in once I get home in a couple hrs and fire up system and see if I hear audio out of either. If headset (which I am willing to bet WILL play) then it may be configuration issue and have to figure out exactly where this is crossed. I know speakers/cable work because I put it into the top green connector which goes to the Azalia connector on the mobo (and headset/mic worked from the same connections which is where I recorded/played back some audio from soundrecorder to make sure I could hear it from at least top connections and record in for that verification). So where specifically would I get to this configuration if it does indeed play only out headset. If it plays out both them + speakers on rear connection I will be surprised as well.
  7. Update:

    Plugged in Headset and mic and heard login sounds at login from them ONLY.
    Under Sounds->Playback Speakers (Realtek HD Audio) enabled and default device
    Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output unchecked (headphoness) at this time (was before and both showed green checkmarks
    Realtek Digital Output ready but unchecked
    Realtek Digital Output (Optical) ready but unchecked

    Recording I see:
    Mic in at Front panel (pink)
    Stereo Mix (Realtek HD Audio Ready)

    Sounds: I hear nothing from rear speakers


    Do nothing is checked

    Sounds -> Recording:
    StereoMix default communications device
    Properties Enhancement Immediate mode checked, disable all sound effects unchecked, dc cancellation checked
    Advanced: 2 channel 16bit 44100hz CD quality (tried all ranges for playback - no output
    Allow applications to take exclusive control - checked
    Give exclusive mode apps priority - checked

    Realtek HD Manager

    Left box - Speakers, then HD Audio 2nd Input, then other 2 Digitals, Stereo Mix and Mic in at Front Panel (pink)
    Speaker is Blue (no red circle w/line through it)
    Speaker configuration - Stereo
    Full Range and Surround - unchecked

    Device advanced settings:

    Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams - checked
    Recording device:
    Separate all input jacks as independent input devices

    Audio driver version: (latest from Gigabyte site for Realtek)
    Directx Version: DirectX 11.0
    Audio Controller: HD Audio
    Audio Codec: ALC889
    Display icon in notification area - checked

    What next?
  8. OMFG...I just tried the FRONT SPEAKER OUT jack on rear panel and it WORKS! Ok, now to figure out what settings (if any) to enable the Rear Speakers out connection to function......half-way there. If it is just a setting to turn on then I'm good. As long as I can get all the outputs to provide sound so I know they work then I will be happy with board and can get back to a) voltage tweaking a tad to smooth out system running @ 1600Mhz for memory and then tackle the PSU (this weekend that will be installed and see if all works ok).
  9. Ok, now the question is:

    Which jack on back of mobo is the normal speaker out? Green or Black (front/rear respectively)? If Green and the other ports are only working when connected as a 5.1/7.1 speaker installation to the ports then all is right in the universe and I can focus on getting my software installed and whatnot.

    I do not plan on going 5.1 so Green Front Spkr out from rear panel = fine for studio monitors. If I decide to go 5.1/7.1 then I hope the rest of those ports are functional (they detect plug/un-plug).
  10. Green is ALWAYS the stereo out port.

    ...I think I know the problem now. FORNT Stereo out does not refer to the front output port, but the first pair of speaker outputs. Thats what should be outputting from the green output port on the back of the motherboard.
  11. gamerk316 said:
    Green is ALWAYS the stereo out port.

    ...I think I know the problem now. FORNT Stereo out does not refer to the front output port, but the first pair of speaker outputs. Thats what should be outputting from the green output port on the back of the motherboard.

    Ok. Got that. But question remains, why no output from rear spkr (black), side/center/sub when plugged in? Does that only work when a 5.1/7.1 set of connections is installed in all the jacks? If that's the case then I'm good.

    Next to test is if Front (rear panel) green spkr output gets muted when I plug in headset/mic. I use headset for gaming but typically just have it hanging around my neck and output coming from the monitors and mic for input only to ventrilo/ts/skype (whatever I am using). I believe I have it set to do nothing when something is plugged in or to play 2 different streams. Will look into that over the weekend. Again, if no output from Black and others due to not being a 5.1/7.1 set up = I am *ok* with that. Especially since I have output from green connection! And my PSU is good since I stuffed that in last night to get that off list to test (Corsair HX650 replacing Thermaltake 650 that's been in box for around 3.4-4hrs on damn near 24x7). Time to put it to rest.
  12. If you want front and rear panel to work at the same time then tick the box "disable front panel jack detection"

    If i plug my speakers into the rear black port and select 7.1 in realtek hd audio manager, then click the play button next to where you selected 7.1 then sound comes out of the speakers connected to the black port. Music or internet videos dont work unless you change the enviroment settings, which sound strange.

    My speakers are not 5.1 or 7.1 so im not sure if this helps or not.
  13. So it seems Green plug on rear panel is Front Spkrs BUT for stereo, black rear spkrs is for when u do 5.1/7.1 OR reconfigure it to be front speakers. So I am all set now, thx for the input! Gigabyte explained it to me on the phone today so all is good now for my build. Just some other minor tweaking perhaps but otherwise, good to go!

    Thanks again!

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