AMD 5830 Eyefinity Issue (not another adapter question)

Hey guys, first time poster here at Toms Hardware.

I have a Gigabyte ATI 5830 Graphics Card and I have been using it flawlessly in eyefinity for the last several months. Now, all of a sudden, out of the blue one of the monitors decided to shut off while in Battlefield BC2. So I restarted my system and all was well...for about 30 seconds. Now eyefinity works briefly every time I restart. The screen that goes black is always the one hooked up to the display port.

I have a proper working ACTIVE display port adapter.
I have 3 identical working monitors.

I have tried 3 versions of catalyst control center and none of them work right.

If anyone has any ideas at all. High or low level, I'll try anything at this point.
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  1. so you have 3 identical monitors, does all of them behave like this when connected using the dp?
    Does the dp work fine when not in eyefinity mode? as a single monitor?

    just trying to figure out if this a software or hardware problem....
  2. they all behave the same
    the dp works fine on its own and has worked fine in eyefinity for months leading up to this
    more info is always good, i'll take any help i can get at this point.

    all of the searching I have done thus far has only yielded the advice of 'go get an active dp adapter'
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