Coolermaster power extreme plus 500w installation guide

do you have installation instruction for the coolmaster extreme plus 500w to be installed into the Dell Studio 540?
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  1. Here's the guide from dell

    I would recommend a better power supply if you haven't already purchased it, this is an article on the extreme power plus so you know what you're dealing with
  2. Im having troubles with which wires go where. there seems to be many more than is needed.

  3. There is likely more connectors than you actually need.

    here is a diagram of your motherboard with labels:

    you need to connect the 24 pin motherboard power connector (the big one) to #9
    the cpu power connector is on its own wire. there are 2 of them each with 4 pins next to each other. connect one to #35.
    your drives probably use sata power connectors. they are the skinny/flat ones. there are 3 on one wire.
    if you have a video card it might need the pci-e power connector, it will plug into the video card. its on its own wire. not all video cards require one.
  4. also, the connectors only go in one way. look at the shape of the pins on the connector and match it up with what you're plugging it into.
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