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I am using an amd athlon II x3 445 rana @3.1ghz unlocked 4th core. with my stock cooler i was getting idle temps of about 40C which i thought was high so i decided to by a new cpu cooler. I bought the one in the title and now im getting higher temps. i used tuniq tx-2 paste where as last time i just used some dynex paste. I tried doing the paste twice with my new sunbeam and im still getting pretty high temps of about 45C idle. Was this cooler a bad choice? or did i possibly mess something up?
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  1. You do have to be careful putting on the thermal paste , it should be a very thin coat.Have you tried AS-5 , it is very good.
  2. i tried a thin coat at first and then a slightly thicker coat the second time. the tuniq tx-2 paste says to use 2x the normal amount since the paste is different somehow. So thats y i used a bit more the second time. I'm usuallly pretty good with thermal paste i think since i've mounted other fans before but only stock ones that didnt come with paste. Maybe the dynex paste is better than the tuniq? or should i return my cooler?

    EDIT: Do you think disabling Amd cool n quiet would help at all?
  3. I have never owned an AMD processor but I have heard that they run hotter that Intel.
    Read some of the feed back and you will see that a lot of people use this cooler for AMD processors.

    Thermaltake CLP0575 Frio OCK Universal CPU Cooler Ultimate OverClocking King Supports up to 240W TDP Dual 130mm VR Fans $68.99

    I don't know what you want to spend but if you return the Sunbeam........ :D
  4. wow thas one impressive cpu cooler. Im not willing to spend that much on a cpu cooler though unless i got an i7.
  5. Also does tuniq tx-2 take a few days to fully set and give better results? i've read that what you get on your first boot is what you will always have.
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