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Are my e8400 temps normal?

Hi I have an e8400 3.0ghz processor and I'm wondering if my temps are normal or if I need to do something to cool them down.

On idle according to HWmonitor and Realtemp it will be around 40-44 C, but when playing a videogame such as NBA 2k12 it will go to around 58 C

Is this normal?

Also for some reason my GPU does not show up on HW monitor, does anyone know what the problem is? I have an ASUS EN9600GSO TOP 384mb videocard.
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  1. The CPU is fine.
  2. Yes those temps are fine. Unless it starts to hit 70+ degrees celcius then you would have to start to worry.
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    Cpu temps are excellent; is the cpu stock cooler or after market one?
  4. Thanks for the input! It's a stock cooler of which I re-applied some Zalman super grease thermal.

    I was playing NBA 2k12 at highest settings and the framerate wasn't as good as it skipping a little. I wonder if it was the cpu temperature, but since the cpu has normal temperature, then it must be something else.
  5. What video card are you using? I've never played that game is there a way to see what your FPS is and if so what is it? If its a cheap video card the fps could be dropping in spikes then going back to normal.
  6. Your video card is somewhat weak and bit old, so it is the responsible for low FPS. Get a brand new video card for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

    SAPPHIRE 100323L Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
  7. When I play nba 2k12, after taking off anti-aliasing, the game runs good. I think anti-aliasing was causing some slow down for me.

    I might get a new videocard someday. Thanks for the recommendation.
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