Reliable benchmarks and some other questions

So where can I get reliable and detailed and polished benchmarks for video cards OTHER than on Toms? Sorry but I dont like the benches here so please dont tell me to look here

Also, why is it that so many sites give venches for 1920 x 1200 instead of 1920 x 1080, arent most monitors 1920 x 1080... why would they not give benchmarks for that, it doesnt make any sense to me (Yes I know Toms has em, Im asking why other sites dont)

Also, for the 6950, they're only like $215 for the 1GB version, but all the benches are for the 2GB version, does the 2GB version really give any considerable improvement FPS wise over the 1GB version??
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  1. i dont know if were allowed to rules and such
  2. Youre not allowed to share other good benchmarking sites... >_>?

    and how bout my other questions
  3. Is anyone gonna answer any of my questions..?
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