ATI Radeon HD 4850 overheating?

Hello, I recently bought Mass Effect 2 from the steam summer sale, my specs are ATI Radeon HD 4850, AMD Athlon dual core 6000+ clocked at 3.0 ghz, 4 gigs of RAM, 150GB hard drive. I use a 23 inch monitor

Well at first the game ran fine, max settings, great FPS, then it overheated, so I turn all the settings to the lowest, and played at 1280x720, I still overheat, I downloaded the Catalyst Control Center, and Watched my GPU temp rise to 60 degrees celcius, at that exact moment, my screen popped up with a still of a bunch of thin grey bars, and my sound went "bzzzt", then my computer just sits there. I don't know much, but isn't 60 degrees C completely manageable?

I've got my computer next to the air condition vent in my bedroom, with a personal fan blowing on it, along with the PSU Fan, the CPU Heatsink Fan, 2 fans on the inside, and the GPU fan, i'm trying to keep it as cool as can be, Ide, I sit at about 40 degrees Celcius.

I went and checked the requirement, and I should be able to run this game along with many others my computer crashes on, just fine..I'm sick of being afraid to buy a game that came out a couple months ago, and wondering If It will be a waste of money, any clues as to whats going on. I have all the latest drivers for my card also. Windows 7 32bit.

Oh, and today I actually bought air in a can, and dusted out every single crack and fan and heatsink in my computer, then i tried again, and i still overheat..:(

Any Suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. 60 D C isn't high at all. My OCed GTX460 goes up to 85 D C and it works just fine, Video cards are designed to sustain temperature well beyond even 85 D C. I would give it to a PSU problem, what's your PSU? Brand? wattage? Specs?
  2. My power supply is a Rocketfish, and its got 500W, Thats all I know about it. If theres a problem with my PSU, do you think you could suggest one thats around 100$? I;m on a budget sort of.
  3. 100$ is too high a budget lol $60 is enough.
    the 500W rocketfish should power your build no problem, it can be bad though. It's best to confirm the source of the problem before buying anything. Where is the smell coming from? Can you test each part in another system?
  4. I don't smell anything, it just shuts down without anything going wrong, Then i have to restart. What do you mean by test each part in another system?
  5. use a functional system with same platform and similar power consumption, put each part from your PC in to the functional PC one at a time and see if anything goes wrong. It's a tough way but it works.
    Or try find a software that records your power consumption and PSU power output, which I have no knowledge about.
  6. If it shuts down without any warning or notification whatsoever, it should either be your CPU overheating or PSU providing insufficient power.
  7. I think it might be my PSU,I'm playing WoW right now on Ultra and the temp goes up to 75degrees celcius without anything freezing, if that means anything.
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    yeah, well then.... you might wanna ask in the psu section for advice on a new PSU..
  9. Ok, thanks for all your help, I would have never even thought of the PSU bugging up
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