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Corsair Hydro H50 backplate contacting solder points

I'm moving my H50 cooler over to my new Asus P8Z68 V-Pro/Gen3, i5 2500K build and i have some concerns about the back plate touching the back sides of some capacitors that poke through the board.

The area i am concerned about is inside the red square. I've test fit the back plate and it definitely will touch those solder points. Has anyone used the H50 with these boards? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    just had the same motherboard delivered today with a 2600k and plan to build it tomorrow with my h50 cooler

    according to corsair if the backplate covers the resistors in your photo its not a problem

    will be interested to know if it works ok if you build yours before me--and how easy it is to overclock with the

    motherboard :D
  2. Thanks for the link!

    I put the stock Intel cooler on it for now until i could get some answers. I was coming from a 2.6ghz AMD Athlon 64 X2 setup so my new P8Z68 Pro/2500K/8gb Gskill 1600 setup is pretty amazing. I am not going to be doing any overclocking until i get a different cooler installed. My old AMD idled at 25C with the H50, and my 2500K is idling in the mid 30's with the stock cpu cooler. I know it's comparing apples to oranges, but i just want to play it safe before pushing this setup at all.
  3. hows the motherboard?

    havent used asus for a couple of years and was hoping the gen3 board didnt suffer from the double post issue

    a lot of asus boards have
  4. You know, it does do something weird like that. It only beeps once, but i get the ASUS screen that gives me the option to hit delete to go into the bios, then two different hard drive controllers run checks, and then i go back to the ASUS screen before Windows loads. It has been a minor annoyance so far and was hoping it was something that could be changed in bios.
  5. my old asus p5k used to do it

    was hoping the new boards would have sorted it by now--been using gigabyte for the last 2 years--still maybe

    a bios update will cure it--as the gen3 is

    really new they should be updating the bios--i didnt even look at the asus site for bios updates yet--once its

    installed i will do

    i wont get the speed increase you did as i am upgrading from an i7-920 at 4.2ghz--the main reason i upgraded

    was for the usb 3.0 and especially the sata 6gbs for my ssds as my sata 3gbs is holding them back

    plus its xmas so i might as well buy myself a present i know i will like :D
  6. It looks like there was just a bios update on 11/28. I may update mine tomorrow and see if it changes anything.
  7. Not sure if it's even remotely close but i'm using the Corsair H100 on that motherboard and had no problems with the backplate.

    As for the double post, i'm having it, even after updating to the latest bios.

    EDIT: It does seem like i'm getting the double post less after i updated the bios.
  8. Yanthrax said:
    Not sure if it's even remotely close but i'm using the Corsair H100 on that motherboard and had no problems with the backplate.

    As for the double post, i'm having it, even after updating to the latest bios.

    EDIT: It does seem like i'm getting the double post less after i updated the bios.

    i looked at the h100 but it wont fit my raven rv02 due to the 90 degree motherboard rotation this case has 3 x 180mm fans at the bottom and only one 120mm at the top so fitting the h100 would be a dremel job

    just had a look at the h80 and its using a better mounting kit than the h50 so might talk her indoors into a xmas present for me :D
  9. Thanks for all the input. Got my H50 installed today with a push/pull setup and the CPU idle temps are back down to 29-31C with some cores reading as low as 21-23C according to CPUhwm. Now it's time to do a little more reading in the OC forums.
  10. glad you got there--i put mine together last night but the h50 backplate was stuck so firmly with those 2 pads i didnt want to risk trying to force it off so had to resort to using the stock cooler and got an h80 coming today

    had a quick overclock with the stock cooler--4.7ghz just by upping the multiplier and 1.240v--didnt run anything more than superpi to test it till the h80 gets here

    only install issue i had was couldnt use the marvell 6gbs ports and my corsair m60 mouse wont work in the uefi bios
  11. That's strange about your mouse. I'm now combating a "stuttering" mouse pointer/keyboard/sound/video issue before i can mess with anything else.
  12. had a look and seems its a common problem with some mice not working properly in the uefi bios--not a major issue as my keyboard works fine though it would have been a cool feature

    are your mouse and keyboard in the usb 2.0 or 3.0 ports?

    and are you using the onboard video or a graphics card?
  13. They are in the usb 2.0 ports.

    I am using a EVGA GTX 260. I uninstalled AI suite and i think it is better now. I have updated the bios, the chipset driver and am currently checking for an update to the graphics card driver. I haven't done anything in bios besides disable the two storage controller OPROM's to speed up boot and disabled EPU. Current build is...

    ASUS P8Z68 V Pro/Gen 3
    i5 2500k
    8gb Gskill RipjawsX DDR3 1600 2x4gb
    EVGA GeForce GTX 260
    Corsair Hydro H50
    2x Hitatchi deskstar 500gb HDD hooked up to the sata 3gb ports
    Corsair TX750M PSU
    LG dvdrw optical drive (sata)
    NZXT tempest case
  14. havent had any issues with AI suite installed just the lucid logic software has crashed a few times--and not sure if its even working as havent got anything installed to see if it speeds things up

    just going to install the h80 now--dont know if its the new motherboard but the hole in my backplate is covering the bottom 2 mounting holes so i cant install the cooler without taking everything out of the case

    did you install the h50 with the board in the case?
  15. Nope. I don't have access to the back of the board while it's in the case so it had to come out.
  16. got the h80 on now

    instructions were terrible--didnt tell you to connect the 4 pin molex and the pump fan header to the cpu fan header

    just tried the ai auto overclocker--quite impressive--on extreme it set 106.5 bclk and 45 multiplier to give 4794mhz--it did set 1.4v to get there but the coolers handling that ok--highest temperature i have seen yet is 57c though i dont use prime95 to test just run loads of stuff at once to keep the cpu about 80%--prime95 puts it through more than real life use will put on it anyway

    idle temperature is seriously low at 19c--the ambient in here is about 15c

    so with a bit of manual tweaking in the bios this might just do 5ghz

    8.2 seconds on superpi for 1 million digits

    even though i had a 4ghz i7-920 before i am seriously impressed with this cpu and motherboard--just got to install some video encoding software now and see how fast it does that--then see if i can hit the magic 5ghz mark
  17. I just double checked the pictures, and that H80 is huuuuuuge. In my tempest mid case i really only have 2.5" of clearance between the pump and the pull fan on my H50 as it is. Those seem like pretty great numbers/temps.

    I've never overclocked and from my reading i am really leery of going over 1.40v, i plan on going for a mild overclock through bios hopefully up to 4.0ghz. I don't game... at all so i don't see much of a point in pushing past that.

    still idling around 31c over here. Not sure what the ambient is but my system temps are at 22c. I need to reconfigure my case fans i think. I have two 120mm intakes in the front, two 140mm exhaust fans in the top, the two 120mm push pull fans acting as an intake on my h50 radiator, and have replaced the side panel 120mm intake with a 140mm intake fan. with all the intake fans blowing towards the h50 setup i think i am going to try setting it up as an exhaust one of these days.

    Windows 7 ultimate 64 did about 91 different updates on my last shutdown and everything is much smoother (so far) today. Hopefully that was all the problem was and i don't have to worry about continuing to check all my hardware for errors anymore.
  18. at 5.0ghz now at 1.4v --22c idle and 60c under load--did it in the bios this time--it wont run prime95 but stable so far playing arkham city and video encoding--thats using the corsair as an exhaust as this case has 3 180mm intakes on the bottom and one 120/140mm on top so cant intake the air over the radiator as corsair suggest

    4ghz on stock voltage on the 2500k should be easy enough--maybe even up to about 4.4ghz
  19. 4.0ghz was pretty easy to hit at 1.16v and a max of 49C under load. Stable in intel test burn multiple times and am currently downloading prime 95.
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