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So I built up a combo deal off of newegg just today. It's running a coolermaster case with 460W Elite PSU. Motherboard is a gigabyte GA 880GM USB3, running an AMD Phenom II X6, Gskill 8 GB DDR 1333 memory with 2 sticks. Video is running a Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 and a Seagate 1TB drive.

When I boot it up, it seems to run well, except for the fact that I don't hear a POST beep and it doesn't have any video output. All fans are active, CD drive seems to work and I can hear the hard drive spinning up. From snooping around on other sites and similar problems, it seems that the processor or motherboard could be at fault. I've tried connecting the video to both the video card and on board video do not work, which makes me want to rule out the video card as the culprit.

While doublechecking the manual, I noticed that the ATX 12v 4x2 pin needs to be connected for the system to work. I checked through my cables, and the system doesn't have an 8 pin connector. There are, however 2 4 pin connectors that fit into this slot. I found the manual for the PSU online, and it seems to call the cables "CPU 4+4 pin connectors". I'm afraid to power it up without asking to make sure I don't implode my system if that's the case. It makes sense that these cables would be the ATX 12v 4x2 connectors, since it's supposed to power the CPU.

Anyway, I guess i'm just looking for some verification before I damage the computer. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to post them. Thanks for the help.
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    yes, its a 4x2 connector because some motherboards only require 4 pin connector, some require 8. plug it in and your computer will come to life.
  2. Well, that definitely did it. Note to owners of this(Elite Power 460W). If you are looking for the ATX 12v 4x2, it is two separate 4 pin connectors. I didn't know, as I hadn't kept up much on tech trends, and hadn't built a new computer in a while.

    Thanks again, im2thecrowe.
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  4. I did that and the pc didn't work... any suggestion?
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