Hp envy 14 BIOS corrupt

Hello a while back i was flashing my envy 14 bios and half way through insyde told me that it had failed...

My laptop then restarted and what do you know? My damn screen is blank, the capslock is blinking and fans are spinning irregularly..

Today i have been trying to reflash by holding win+b using a 512mb flash drive. The lights on the flash drive blink but in a regular fashion (ex: blink..... blink.... blink...) The fan will run as if its booting (constant run) and then about 3 minutes later will just shut off.

I am so dang frustrated because i know i am sooo close to fixing this.. i can not find any one online with a envy 14 having this problem.

This is the file tree i created (yes i formated the drive to fat32):

I have also named the drive to HP_TOOLS

Also i have tryed 2 different flash drives (4gb and 512mb)

here is the link to the downlad of the bios i am trying to flash:

If anyone can help i will get a tattoo of your username across my forehead
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  1. :( I am facing the same problem with my Envy Beat 14.

    No display dyring startup, and even can't see the bios detail.

    Please let me know if you find any solution. It will save my life.
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