8gb Ram Recommendations Please

My setup

Intel 3930k + Asus Rampage IV Extreme + Coolermaster cosmos II + XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240

What I request recommendations on

Thinking of adding 4x8gb Ram right now... what would you suggest for the best performance (price not an issue)

Thanks a lot in advance for your time guys, if you can please give an alternative as well since some brands/models might not be available here in India

Ash (www.cursed4eva.com)
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More about recommendations please
  1. It wouldnt let me edit so adding seperately...


    I already have

    2x 2gb and 2x 4gb of corsair xms ram... this clocks at 1333 by default but has a profile when activated in bios gets to 1600mhz (1.65v) it was marketed as 1600mhz though... Will my setup see much gains if I switch from this to the RAM you recommend?
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