HQV review with Radeon 6570 & 6670

Antec 300 case(Front: 2x120mm Antec tricool Fan @ Low. Rear: Scythe GT(1200 RPM). Top: 140mm Antec tricool Fan @ low)
Thermaltake W0131 850W PSU
Asus P5G41-M LE
Core 2 Duo E6300 SL9TA OC'ed to 2.2GHZ
Corsair 4 gig(2x2) DDR2 800 mhz
X4500 Onboard
500GB SATA Hard Drive
250GB PATA Hard Drive
160GB PATA Hard Drive
Vista 64 SP2
22 inch monitor @ 1680x1050

Hello all, some of you may noticed Tomshardware did a review on the GDDR5 version of 6570 & 6670.


I'm interested in getting one of the cards as onboard video(or cpu) can't handle turning on stuff when watching 720p video and stuff like denoise or deblock or that stuff you know.

I'm interested in getting either the Sapphire 6570 Ultimate or the Sapphire 6670 Ultimate as I don't want any fan noise.


But the problem is Tomshardware reviewed the lesser available GDDR5 version of the 6570. The 6570 Ultimate uses DDR3.

Would the DDR3 version get the same HQV score as the GDDR5 6570 that was reviewed above?

What component of the video card helps the improvement of HQV score?
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  1. Wow your PSU is such an overkill, the DDR3 version and the DDR5 version are roughly the same, the 6570 uses barely enough memory bandwidth to benefit from DDR5, it's more of a throw-in-DDR5-so-people-will-buy thing.

    I can hardly recommend you that card, with GTS450s readily available for $80 after rebate, and you have a good PSU to power it, it seems non-sensical to spend $60 on these cards.
    As for the fan noise, your case has fans.
    Did I mention your PSU is too good?
  2. Uhm, just ignore the PSU. it's just a spare I had lying around.

    According to that review I linked the GTS450 doesn't fair as well as the GDDR5 6570 and 6670 in the HQV test. Which is the most important thing for me as I only play older games on the machine. I'm a little bit finicky about fan noise I really don't want to hear anymore noise. Personally the noise I hear from my case fans right now is too much for me and it's really not loud. So adding another fan might just bug me.
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